Continuing the program of cooperation between the Institute of Mining Science and Technology – Vinacomin and Carboautomartyka Company (Poland)

16/1/2017 to 19/1/2017 , the two sides went fieldwork in some coal mining company in Quang Ninh area, for example Cam Pha Thermal Power Plant, Thong Nhat coal mines and Coc Sau coal mine, Ha Tu open pit coal mine to assess the operational status of the technological lines and DCS control systems, waste water treatment systems, sludge pumping systems are used in these units

The signing ceremony on technical cooperation between Institute of Mining – Science and Technology (IMSAT) and Carboautomartyka Company

Based on the survey results, in January 21rst 2017, at the IMSAT, the two sides signed a memorandum of cooperation agreed with the contents as follows: 1) Fixing the boiler, turbine, DCS, input coal supplying system; establish automatic monitoring system to control the input and output water parameters, reliable with the environmental standards of Vietnam; Researching and offering mud pumping reasonable solution  for Vinacomin’s coal mines and power plants; …

During the implementation process, the two sides have coordinated to propose the economical – technical solutions for to increase the labor productivity, protect the environment and reduce the cost for power plants, coal mines in Vietnam.

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