IMSAT’s general introduction

IMSAT’s leader board consists of Director, 4 Vice Directors and Chief accountant. The Science commission is responsible for providing consultancy to Director in implementing all level scientific and technological projects, tasks and themes.


IMSAT possesses 21 scientific research, professional departments and two member units, in which there are 15 scientific research departments including: underground mining technology research, investment consultation, underground mines and construction projects technology, experimental project development, open pit mining technology research, clean coal technology research, minerals processing and metallurgy technology, machinery and mining equipment, mine electricity and automation research, energy consumption and conservation research, mine geomechanics research, environment technology research, project economics, construction consultation and investment management  and science technology information departments. 6 professional departments includes: administrative office, personnel, planning, accounting, international business and cooperation, science management departments and 2 member units including development of mining technology and equipment company, coal mine safety center.

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