Institute of Mining Science and Technology (IMSAT) Worked with experts of Giproshakt Mining Design Company (Russia) and MashinoExport – Import Limited Company

In   January, 21rst, 2017, IMSAT worked with experts of Giproshakt Mining Design Company (Russia) and MashinoExport – Import Limited Company. Attending the working, on behalf of Giproshakt Company, there were Mr. Atkishkin Ygor Vladimirovich, Deputy General Director, Chief Engineer, on behalf of MashinoExport – Import Limited Company there were Mr. Biriukov A.N, General Director. And on behalf of IMSAT there were Mr. Tran Tu Ba, Director, worked as chairman and some related staffs

Giproshakt Mining Design Company is a long-term partner, two partners have cooperated with each other successfully in implementing some projects such as Khe Cham II – IV mining investment project, capacity of 3.5 million tons per year; Construction of Nui Beo underground coal mine, Khe Cham II – IV coal mine.

In the working session today, the partners exchanged the ideas about coal mining at some coal mines within Vietnam National Coal – Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited. Giproshakt Mining Design Company (Russia) expressed their opinions on related technology issues. The IMSAT also wished to continue to have effectively cooperation with the partners in the upcoming projects.

In the next days, they are going fieldwork to some coal mine in Quang Ninh area.

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