Institute of Mining Science and Technology (IMSAT) has a working meeting with Deswik Company (Australia)

On March, 24th, 2015, Institute of Mining Science and Technology (IMSAT) has a working meeting with Deswik Company (Australia) on designing the software used in coal and minerals mining operations

Taking part in the working meeting, on IMSAT’s side, there were Mr. Luu Van Thuc and Mr. Dao Hong Quang, deputy directors and the representatives from some relative departments. On the side of Deswik Company, there were Mr. Nei Tyson, business development manager and Mrs. Kieu Thi Nam Phuong, Senor Business development manager from Australian Trade Commission.

At the working meeting, Mr. Luu Van Thuc has introduced about IMSAT and the mine geotechnical conditions of Vietnam coal deposits as well as the software being used in the mineral mining field recently.

On the Company’s side, Mr. Nei Tyson has introduced about the Deswik Company and the software designed by the company. The Deswik software is a system controlling, monitoring and collecting data for supporting workers in the remote controlling and monitoring process at the higher level than the conventional automatic controlling system, having the capability in collecting, storing and displaying the parameters of the coal reserves at the deep coal mines, simulated under 3D form, for discovering and warning the abnormal phenomena in the operating and production process. As a result, comparing to the software system being used in Vietnam mineral mining units, the Deswik software has advantages, such as its flexible and simple utilization and integration ability to the existing the software.

The results from the working meeting will be used as a basis for promoting the cooperation for both sides in the coming time./.

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