Institute of Mining Science and Technology (IMSAT) with its meeting for accepting the pilot manufacture project for CO, CH4 gases probes

On April 27, 2015, IMSAT has a working meeting to improve the content of the report on the implementation of the scientific and technological project on the pilot manufacture of CO, CH$ gases probes

Taking part to the working meeting, there are some relevant staffs belonging to the departments of Mine Electricity and Automation, Energy Consumption and Conservation, with the  chairman Dr. Luu Van Thuc, deputy director

For implementing the CO, CH4 measuring head manufacture project according to the polish standards, in recent time, IMSAT has completed its design, fabrication and installation at some coal mines such as Duong Huy coal mine (18 measuring heads ) and Ha Long coal mine (2 measuring head ).

After putting  into its operation (from April 2014 to date), the measuring heads, had worked stably with the some quality as imprted ones, quality similar imported equipment.

Results from the working meeting will be the basis for the implementation team to complete the final report to be submitted to  MOIT in the future. /.

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